LISTEN: Scott Free’s ‘Happy Pride Day Moscow’

Posted: 09/19/2013 in Audio, New Releases, News, Pride, Punk
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In response to the travails of LGBT citizens in Russia, Scott Free couldn’t let it go by without responding to it. And how better for a musician to do that than with a song? Free’s free-for-all track “Happy Pride Day Moscow” is proudly sarcastic with it’s urgent cadence and undermining wit to Russia’s disturbing movement against its queer citizens. Whether to raise awareness or to vent, Free creates a terse perspective to the goings-on by calling out Russia’s emboldened attitude using classic symbol’s of old. He lashes out with Those flaming Russians in robes and head-scarfs / You Muscovites elevate drag to an art / Those stun guns, oh how they sting / Is that a master/slave thing?

Listen to “Happy Pride Day Moscow” after the jump set to a slideshow of the troubling imagery happening in Russia now. For a donation, you can download the song here.


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