Take fellow homo-hop artists Cazwell and Johnny Dangerous, add in some of that twisted EL-P flavor and you’ll get close — just close — to the sound of Big Dipper.  The Chicago-born Brooklyn-based rapper, who infamously now withholds his real name, has received critical acclaim for his playful tales of hot big boy sex over some big beats. Details Magazine dubbed BD as one of hip-hop’s queer pioneers in 2012. And he’s taking 2013 out with a bang.

In October, BD released his second mixtape, Thick Life, and the video for the track, “Dick Hang Low” which leaves very little to the imagination with a whole lot to look at. He’s also filled the latter half of the year with a slew of live shows in New York and San Francisco. He talks up his inspirations, bears and hip-hop and OMG! KELLY ROWLAND! in an exclusive Q&A with J.W. Richard of Groove Loves Melody for Flair Gun. Photos via Facebook.

Flair Gun:  You’re mentioned in previous interviews that you enjoy repping the bear community, but how long did it take before bear audiences took your performance as serious craft. Was it at a certain show, video, or what? Big Dipper: I think the jury is still out on that one.  Once people see me live they understand that I’m putting on a whole show. I’m rapping live, I’m dancing, I have a lot of music, I like to be a showman and I feel confident in my skills.

I think just based on Internet presence, most people think I just like to make sexual videos and take my shirt off. I consider myself an artist and musician. Performing is what I do best.

As far as the bear community, I think it always makes a performance better if you want to fuck everyone in the room you are playing.  I love playing bear events (just played Bear Pride in SF two weeks ago) because there is so much sexual energy, but, bear audiences typically aren’t too excited about hip-hop music, so I still have to do work to win them over. Feel me?

I do. There are many bears open to far more than just dance divas, yet hip-hop still holds homophobic baggage for them. Thus, as a gay man, why go the hip-hop route?  There was no other route to go. My music isn’t just hip-hop. Some of it is pretty poppy as well, but that’s just because I love pop music too. I started making the kind of music I wanted to hear. I’ve never been connected to rock or punk music, I can’t really sing, and I’ve always wanted to rap, so there you go.

I grew up listening to hip-hop and pop radio in Chicago and that is where I first started feeling inspired. My song structure, sound, vibe, everything is really in a radio-play format. I think content is what is holding me back and that’s about a larger change in the culture, not about self-censorship. I’m on my hustle.

Is your performance circuit primarily New York and Chi-Town, or do you have shows to the west and further south like Texas?  I’ve played mostly in New York and Chicago, but that is just because I live in those cities. I’ve played all over the U.S. and Canada. I want to go to the U.K. and Spain for sure. And I would love to play in Florida, Texas, and more gigs in California.  Book me!

Who would acknowledge as you s/heroes being a queer rapper, the ones who paved the way  for your sound and your lyrical boldness?  There have been queer rappers for while now. The way I see it, ever since hip-hop and rap music first began, gay people have been doing it. The people who chose to be out while doing it — now that’s another story.

Obviously Cazwell is someone who is very in the public eye, so he has always been someone I looked to. But mostly for me, my inspiration comes from mainstream artists coupled with my own community of creatives. My heroes are my friends when they do a next-level performance dancing and singing to a Missy [Misdemeanor] track in my kitchen. It’s a give-and-take, audience to performer. My own community has paved the way for how I present myself to the world, but it’s up the everyone else how they want to receive it.

You’ve done videos lip-syncing to Nicki Minaj and a shower scene to Ciara’s “Body Party.” So name your duets. You get two tracks, an R&B bump and grind and a party track. Who are your choice partners for the songs?  Oh my god. R. Kelly? GINUWINE? Kelly Rowland!!!! Her new album is major.  Party track with people like Diplo, Big Freedia, or Drake or Nicki!!! Britney [Spears] would be amaze.

I’m a big fan. I like supporting those people because I’m always listening to their music obsessively so. I just love to consume music and videos (laughs)

Download Thick Life for free and per Big Dipper’s suggestion, if you want to book him, email him here.

J.W. Richard

  1. LOVE IT !!!!
    Keep Being YOU

  2. JB says:

    Big Dipper is making hip hop music in his head, maybe, but in reality he’s a clown/comedian who has co-opted a culture he isn’t a part of. He’s the Humpty Hump of gay rap without the Digital Underground cred to back it up. The bear community already has a gay rapper. His name is Kendall. He did this ten years ago, and backed it up with diverse tracks that weren’t ALL about fucking. The bottom line is Big Dipper is guilty of the worst offense of all: being boring as hell. Put your vaguely censored dick away and go back to your coffee shop, kiddo.

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