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On the roots music site No Depression, Kim Ruehl held an enlightening interview with Amy Ray and her newest music. Talking up country music, Ray describes her perspective and sensibilities to the genre that aren’t on par with the country music people are mostly hearing on the radio these days.

The interview mostly puts her newest release Goodnight Tender on display which she previewed with this single. But Ray says so much more that explains her writing on this album. From

No, no. I couldn’t do country-pop even if I wanted to. First of all, I’m too old and too gay, too political, too masculine. Some of those pop-country artists like Faith Hill, the really good ones, they have voices that are crazy good. I’m in the Americana category – more of a singer-songwriter, the gospel thing, the mountain thing… your voice is a different kind of instrument in that case.

Read the rest of the interview here.


Country singer Drake Jensen is definitely all bear so it was good news to hear that Dallas’ Texas Bear Round-Up in March tapped that furry singer to perform at the annual event. Well, we’re going just by what Jensen tweeted just a bit ago.

From the TBRU page, they announce Jensen will be part of the Saturday dinner event. From

TBRU Dinner and Concert – Join us Saturday night for our TBRU Dinner and our concert featuring gay bear country and western recording artist Drake Jensen. Good food, good music and good friends

TBRU runs March 16-19.


By the sounds of it, we have a little bit more of a wait before Indigo Girls’ Amy Ray puts her new album Goodnight Tender out. Her label Daemon Records posts Jan. 14 as the release date on their (temporarily down) site, but Ray gives us this tidbit as a preview.

A little bit folk, a little bit country, but all Ray, “Oyster and Pearl” is a languid front porch jam with its twangy guitar solo and that signature voice that both anchors the languid tone while also drifting along the atmospheric background. And we like it. Check it out for yourself after the jump.


Is this thing on? We think we figured out our technical issues so here we go.

Last week, our Facebook was buzzing with announcement of Steve Grand‘s newest video for “Stay,” which all our gay country fans seemed to looove.

And no wonder.

While Grand and his friends trek to the beach in usual summerwear, Grand and hunky boy toy be sure to wear sexy tight button ups to ultimately unbutton while wet. But what Grand wants to show behind his model good looks and ripped abs is that he’s just the guy next door with this friendly tune asking his partner/FWB/trick to stay with me / and be my lover. And it works. He knows how to craft a tune that’s appealing to the masses and genuine in its delivery.

What do you think? Watch “Stay” after the jump.


Austin Pride‘s lineup looks pretty uh-mazing. We’re so twerked out over it! Andy Bell? JD Samson? Raja and Shangela? Steve Grand? Token straight artists? Two words come to mind: ROAD TRIP!


We’re a little confused by country singer Drake Jensen’s newest video so you might have to help us on this one.

In the video, Jensen clearly is ready for Mr. Right and of course, heads to Bear411 for some help. Well, we would too! But is his date to the beach the same guy at the end or is he magically transformed into a whole lotta hot by adding a cowboy hat and jeans? They look almost alike and not alike. We’re so confused.

The video is a valiant effort though with a cute narrative. And Jensen just oozes all the right kinds of masculine sex appeal not seen in most other country singers right  — OK, maybe Toby Keith. But we do question his jean shorts option. Don’t we always want our country stars in full-on tight Wranglers? But that’s just us.

Tell us what you think and help us figure out the mystery! Watch “Fast Enough for Me” from Jensen’s OUTlaw after the jump.


Much to the likely chagrin of Chely Wright, I stumbled upon her 1997 album Let Me In fumbling through a clearance bin at a secondhand video/music/book type of store recently. But it was lucky for me as I admittedly didn’t have much experience with her music prior to her landmark album Lifted Off the Ground. You know, the one where she released as a fully out artist? So I was quite excited to find this and pop it into the player.

She was right there in that polished country sisterhood of Sara Evans and Faith Hill, but listening to it now, so many songs feel like they have hidden meanings or secret messages now. I wish I had asked her about this when we spoke  back in 2010.

But in the meantime, I want to share her video from the album for “Shut Up and Drive” (and no, not the same Rihanna song). Although Let Me In is a bit over-polished (it was a thing for country gone pop at that time), it’s an album that holds a lot of heart and humor behind it. Some of the lyrics are silly and fun, but more of it is heartfelt and genuine. I like Let Me In and listening to it now makes it far more complex than perhaps it was right out the gait.

Until Monday, enjoy some Ms. Wright!