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Yes, you may be asking yourself “But isn’t that Tom Goss?” And yes, it is. Known more for his singer-songwriter and clothed performances, Goss has gone the actor route in Rob Williams’ new film Out To Kill slated for a summer release for film festivals and a holiday disc release.

The movie is described as

Perhaps not surprisingly, the abhorrent Jaymes is the victim in this intricate and witty “whodunit” murder mystery centered around a group of gay men living in a Florida loft complex. With its surprise ending and tropical location, the film offers a sexy, gay twist to the traditional murder mystery.

We can’t help but think there’s some inspiration for the Jaymes character by way of Cazwell. Well, that and the video. Watch and read more after the jump.



Matt Zarley gave us a taste of what to expect on his upcoming release Hopeful Romantic. He leaked this clip of “Somebody 4 Everybody” over the weekend that features Mark Picchiotti. This is the Moto Blanco Hopeful Romantic Sneak Peek Mix (and breathe) and will be released with other remixes and video on Feb. 14.

First, we’d like to mention things are going to be a little slow at Flair Gun for a while. Sure it’s the holiday season, but Flair Gun founder is in the middle of a job change and relocation. So bear with the site please as we try to continue coverage these next few weeks, but it will be a little bumpy — or quiet.

To continue our Holigays Playlist, we do know we can never go through the season without Erasure’s super lovely “She Won’t Be Home” from their 1988 EP Crackers International. This isn’t your typical fa la la-type carol, but a dramatic, lonely song against lush instrumentation. Erasure taps love and family with subtle power and creates imagery that doesn’t leave your mind.

We pulled this video which YouTuber TheLightningMan posted his/her images to the song. Erasure offered an update on the extended version of Snow Globe, but it relied far more on electronica sound erasing the emotion from this original.

Such a week of great announcements. First Bob Mould, now Rufus Wainwright!

Come March 3, Wainwright will release Vibrate: The Best of Rufus Wainwright that will feature 18 tracks stemming back to his self-titled career debut in 1998. The deluxe version will feature 16 additional rare and unreleased live and studio recordings.” The second disc will feature new song “Chic And Pointless” and the first physical release of “WWIII.”

Uh, yes please.

Both standard and deluxe versions are available for pre-order. Read the track list after the jump.


In case you missed it on the movie, check out Sia’s contribution to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack with “Elastic Heart.” The track is another step in Sia’s recent rise in exposure despite her own acclaimed releases. She’s gotten more attention it seems via her collabs with Flo Rida and David Guetta and Rihanna. Now the lesbian singer puts some fire into her trajectory by appearing on the soundtrack to one of the biggest movies of the year.

All we can say is Sia, we would wanna be ya! Listen after the jump.


The Trevor Project! Glee! Queen! And now new music in 2014? Lambert gives the tea on all of it to Trevor Live.

We’re excited about it, but we also wish he’d given some more attention to 2012’s Trespassing. He made leaps and bounds with that album but seemed to push it aside with all his other goings-on. So we’ll just wait for his new stuff and hopefully he’ll calm down with everything else so we can give proper attention to his own music.

OMG, we’re such Debbie Downers. But really, we totally love his successes. Just more music!

The newest issue of Rolling Stone delivered one of many year-end lists of music, movies and television with some choice selections. We were particularly thrilled that Vampire Weekend topped their 50 best albums of 2013 list with Modern Vampires of the City where the band basically took themselves to the next level. From Rolling Stone:

It’s one of rock’s great albums about staring down adulthood and trying not to blink — that moment where, as singer Ezra Koenig puts it, you realize “wisdom’s a gift/But you’d trade it for youth.” The music is sculpted and subtly bonkers, with orchestral sweeps balancing hymnlike beauty and dub-inflected grooves.

And boy, is it. Heartfelt congrats to one of our favorites.
So how did queer artists do in the rest? Not too bad. Queens of the Stone Age’s …Like Clockwork which featured a guest appearances by Sir Elton John and Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears came in at No. 6 while John’s The Diving Board was No. 25. David Bowie’s The Next Day ranked 16th. Tegan and Sara‘s Heartthrob managed No. 30 and Avicii’s True which featured Adam Lambert followed at No. 45.
And once we get our shit together, we plan to have a list up here soon. Who do you think should make our top LGBT releases for 2013?