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In case you missed it on the movie, check out Sia’s contribution to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack with “Elastic Heart.” The track is another step in Sia’s recent rise in exposure despite her own acclaimed releases. She’s gotten more attention it seems via her collabs with Flo Rida and David Guetta and Rihanna. Now the lesbian singer puts some fire into her trajectory by appearing on the soundtrack to one of the biggest movies of the year.

All we can say is Sia, we would wanna be ya! Listen after the jump.



Gosh. Hard to believe Bob Mould went solo from Husker Du 25 years ago with Workbook. And clearly, that’s as good a time as any to take a look back. Mould will release Workbook 25 in February which will feature an expansive look at his work along with live and bonus tracks on Omnivore Recordings. Workbook 25 will be released as a double-CD and as a double-LP. Originally a B-side, “All Those People Know” will be added as the bonus track to both versions. The live recordings are from Mould’s 1989 show at Cabaret Metro in Chicago and most of the tracks have never been issued until this release.

He’s also announced the following seven shows. As posted on Mould’s site, “long-time bassist Jason Narducy, will be performing selections with Mould from Workbook as well as other songs in Bob’s catalog that sit nicely alongside this album.”

Feb. 27: Noise Pop Festival, Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA
March 1: Old Town, Chicago, IL
March 2: City Winery, Chicago, IL
March 4: The Women’s Club, Minneapolis, MN
March 5: 9:30 Club, Washington, D.C.
March 7 & 8: City Winery, New York, NY

Read the entire track list after the jump.


By the sounds of it, we have a little bit more of a wait before Indigo Girls’ Amy Ray puts her new album Goodnight Tender out. Her label Daemon Records posts Jan. 14 as the release date on their (temporarily down) site, but Ray gives us this tidbit as a preview.

A little bit folk, a little bit country, but all Ray, “Oyster and Pearl” is a languid front porch jam with its twangy guitar solo and that signature voice that both anchors the languid tone while also drifting along the atmospheric background. And we like it. Check it out for yourself after the jump.


Take fellow homo-hop artists Cazwell and Johnny Dangerous, add in some of that twisted EL-P flavor and you’ll get close — just close — to the sound of Big Dipper.  The Chicago-born Brooklyn-based rapper, who infamously now withholds his real name, has received critical acclaim for his playful tales of hot big boy sex over some big beats. Details Magazine dubbed BD as one of hip-hop’s queer pioneers in 2012. And he’s taking 2013 out with a bang.

In October, BD released his second mixtape, Thick Life, and the video for the track, “Dick Hang Low” which leaves very little to the imagination with a whole lot to look at. He’s also filled the latter half of the year with a slew of live shows in New York and San Francisco. He talks up his inspirations, bears and hip-hop and OMG! KELLY ROWLAND! in an exclusive Q&A with J.W. Richard of Groove Loves Melody for Flair Gun. Photos via Facebook.


On Sunday, we noticed Cocky da Homo’s Twitter feed was goin’ a little off the rails. Perhaps his most legendary of the tweets was this one where he proclaims gay how he’s not so fond of the term “gay rapper.” And it’s not for the reasons you might immediately think.

Then he goes on to comment on the outdated concept of a hip-hop industry (his words), dissing the people who doubted him and not giving a fuck about other gay rappers. So we reached out to him to see what was up. Clearly he was next to his Twitter app so we figured that would be the quickest way. Turns out, he just needed to do some venting as he admitted to us in a very polite tweet back, but we’re also thinking he’s trying to gear up interest for his latest video “thing.”

da Homo’s recent release “I’m Not Rob Ford,” isn’t so much a video as it is a few selfies (above) pieced together to his latest song. He samples Jay-Z’s “Tom Ford” and declares “I’m a homo” as the song’s hook. His rapid flow decries a whole lot of things from his school age peers to white people to Pride parades, but it’s catchy although at under three minutes, the song comes off a little incomplete in thought. But otherwise, catchy stuff.

Watch/listen to “I’m Not Rob Ford” after the jump.


We are so glad NYC-based artist Reigen reached out to us to share his new Christmas single. And we are loving! We’re a bit blown away by his track “Hard Candy Christmas.” It’s a cover (Dolly Parton), it’s a remix, it’s rap, but the best part is, he has both a video for the track and made it available as a free download on Soundcloud. Get it on your playlist stat.

So start your week with some Reigen and his Christmas joy. You might have to play catch up with us. It’s been on repeat for sure.

BLx2 keeps whipping out the videos for his upcoming EP In Your Care. He gives you a glimpse of his title track with his newest video. This is a rapid follow up to “An Open Heart” he dropped just a month ago. Clearly Rod Thomas is ready to make an impact with this release even if it is just an EP of five tracks.

In Your Care is expected to be officially released on Nov. 24.

Watch “In Your Care” after the jump.