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We’re so glad for this because as much as we love Tegan and Sara’s monster album Heartthrob, we love when artists talk a bit deeper into their tracks. Sort of like the director’s commentary only more interesting.

They do that in a series of YouTube videos where they casually discuss their tracks while they banter between each other. So it’s totally informadorable.

Check it out here.


Country singer Drake Jensen is definitely all bear so it was good news to hear that Dallas’ Texas Bear Round-Up in March tapped that furry singer to perform at the annual event. Well, we’re going just by what Jensen tweeted just a bit ago.

From the TBRU page, they announce Jensen will be part of the Saturday dinner event. From

TBRU Dinner and Concert – Join us Saturday night for our TBRU Dinner and our concert featuring gay bear country and western recording artist Drake Jensen. Good food, good music and good friends

TBRU runs March 16-19.


In case you missed it, Vice did this impressive q & a with RZA founder and punk pioneer Lenny Zenith on Sunday. They catch up with Zenith to talk about being outed in school by a friend, the stresses of living as a boy in a time trans issues were so stealth, his work with current band The Tenterhooks and his activism for trans rights. From

Was your secret ever revealed?
It was during my senior year. A friend of mine kind of outed me. I confided in her and said, “I have something to tell you. I wasn’t really born a boy, and I go to school as a boy, but I was born a girl.” Well she told her dad…

Short and to the point but with lots of insight to a different time for trans peeps. And check out “Camp St.” performed by Zenith and RZA after the jump.


First, we’d like to mention things are going to be a little slow at Flair Gun for a while. Sure it’s the holiday season, but Flair Gun founder is in the middle of a job change and relocation. So bear with the site please as we try to continue coverage these next few weeks, but it will be a little bumpy — or quiet.

To continue our Holigays Playlist, we do know we can never go through the season without Erasure’s super lovely “She Won’t Be Home” from their 1988 EP Crackers International. This isn’t your typical fa la la-type carol, but a dramatic, lonely song against lush instrumentation. Erasure taps love and family with subtle power and creates imagery that doesn’t leave your mind.

We pulled this video which YouTuber TheLightningMan posted his/her images to the song. Erasure offered an update on the extended version of Snow Globe, but it relied far more on electronica sound erasing the emotion from this original.

Such a week of great announcements. First Bob Mould, now Rufus Wainwright!

Come March 3, Wainwright will release Vibrate: The Best of Rufus Wainwright that will feature 18 tracks stemming back to his self-titled career debut in 1998. The deluxe version will feature 16 additional rare and unreleased live and studio recordings.” The second disc will feature new song “Chic And Pointless” and the first physical release of “WWIII.”

Uh, yes please.

Both standard and deluxe versions are available for pre-order. Read the track list after the jump.


Gosh. Hard to believe Bob Mould went solo from Husker Du 25 years ago with Workbook. And clearly, that’s as good a time as any to take a look back. Mould will release Workbook 25 in February which will feature an expansive look at his work along with live and bonus tracks on Omnivore Recordings. Workbook 25 will be released as a double-CD and as a double-LP. Originally a B-side, “All Those People Know” will be added as the bonus track to both versions. The live recordings are from Mould’s 1989 show at Cabaret Metro in Chicago and most of the tracks have never been issued until this release.

He’s also announced the following seven shows. As posted on Mould’s site, “long-time bassist Jason Narducy, will be performing selections with Mould from Workbook as well as other songs in Bob’s catalog that sit nicely alongside this album.”

Feb. 27: Noise Pop Festival, Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA
March 1: Old Town, Chicago, IL
March 2: City Winery, Chicago, IL
March 4: The Women’s Club, Minneapolis, MN
March 5: 9:30 Club, Washington, D.C.
March 7 & 8: City Winery, New York, NY

Read the entire track list after the jump.


The Trevor Project! Glee! Queen! And now new music in 2014? Lambert gives the tea on all of it to Trevor Live.

We’re excited about it, but we also wish he’d given some more attention to 2012’s Trespassing. He made leaps and bounds with that album but seemed to push it aside with all his other goings-on. So we’ll just wait for his new stuff and hopefully he’ll calm down with everything else so we can give proper attention to his own music.

OMG, we’re such Debbie Downers. But really, we totally love his successes. Just more music!