Country singer Drake Jensen is definitely all bear so it was good news to hear that Dallas’ Texas Bear Round-Up in March tapped that furry singer to perform at the annual event. Well, we’re going just by what Jensen tweeted just a bit ago.

From the TBRU page, they announce Jensen will be part of the Saturday dinner event. From

TBRU Dinner and Concert – Join us Saturday night for our TBRU Dinner and our concert featuring gay bear country and western recording artist Drake Jensen. Good food, good music and good friends

TBRU runs March 16-19.



OK, first of all, I have to admit we’re a little confused by this story as there seem to be many players and levels involved. Plus, it’s been a long day. But what I get out of this piece is this completely adorable video of folk icon Janis Ian playing the wine glasses and singing for the audiobook The Singer and the Song: An Autobiography of the Spirit by Miriam Therese. From

Miriam Therese, or MT as she is known by her friends, is credited with introducing folk music to the Catholic tradition.  Her first record, Joy is like the Rain, went gold in the 60s, and since then she’s written and recorded hundreds of songs, sold out Carnegie Hall, and touched hearts all over the globe with her one-of-a-kind folksy yet angelic sound.  (Watch the video above to see the unofficial Skyboat chorus celebrating MT’s music.)  Her fans are too many to be counted, but one of her biggest, the Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter—not to mention Audie Award winning narrator—Janis Ian, is to thank for making us aware of this amazing autobiography.  Per Janis and Skyboat’s proposal via Stefan’s agenting wizardry, Audible acquired the rights to this project, and we here at Skyboat were thrilled for the opportunity to produce and direct this wonderful story.

Hopefully the above helps, but OMG the video! I am just enchanted by it as I was with Ian when she spoke with me back in 2009. She’s a legend for sure but it’s her genuine down-to-earth approach to her work and the world that really remarkable – and of course, her music.

Watch the video after the jump.

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Either Christmas came late or comes way early from Ladi G. Not only did she just release this video for “Love Rants,” but she’s also offering her newest mixtape Problematic Remixes Revisited as a free download. And she covers her bases by offering up the clean version of “Rants” as a free download here. We like!

But first, check out the video after the jump.

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Is he or isn’t he? Cocky da Homo MC dropped 19 tracks from his newest mixtape Joke’s On You (I’m Really Straight) to start off 2014 with some hip-hop that’s both tongue-in-cheek and poignant with hard doses of his reality. MC is clever in his delivery because even with the title intro, he knows how to play us in his favor. Is he gay? Likely, but to even get us to ask that question is a triumph. But then he raps his frustration of being an indie rapper on “Vagine” or when he and his team provoke queer fans and listeners on “Confessions of a Gay Rapper/I Ain’t GLAAD I’m Angry Bitch.”

Joke is available as a free download here and with several tracks clocking in at an average of three minutes, the entire opus runs quick while striking it hot. CeeJai Giovanni and Pro P. are featured on select tracks but it’s MC’s lyrics to focus on here. He comes off as both a strong artist and raconteur, but also plays the joke a little too far when he finishes the mixtape with the final track “Joke’z On You” where he pokes fun of his listeners for investing their time in his release. But perhaps he’s right, because from all sides, he is never not fascinating.

Click here for the download.



Matt Zarley gave us a taste of what to expect on his upcoming release Hopeful Romantic. He leaked this clip of “Somebody 4 Everybody” over the weekend that features Mark Picchiotti. This is the Moto Blanco Hopeful Romantic Sneak Peek Mix (and breathe) and will be released with other remixes and video on Feb. 14.

In case you missed it, Vice did this impressive q & a with RZA founder and punk pioneer Lenny Zenith on Sunday. They catch up with Zenith to talk about being outed in school by a friend, the stresses of living as a boy in a time trans issues were so stealth, his work with current band The Tenterhooks and his activism for trans rights. From

Was your secret ever revealed?
It was during my senior year. A friend of mine kind of outed me. I confided in her and said, “I have something to tell you. I wasn’t really born a boy, and I go to school as a boy, but I was born a girl.” Well she told her dad…

Short and to the point but with lots of insight to a different time for trans peeps. And check out “Camp St.” performed by Zenith and RZA after the jump.

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First, we’d like to mention things are going to be a little slow at Flair Gun for a while. Sure it’s the holiday season, but Flair Gun founder is in the middle of a job change and relocation. So bear with the site please as we try to continue coverage these next few weeks, but it will be a little bumpy — or quiet.

To continue our Holigays Playlist, we do know we can never go through the season without Erasure’s super lovely “She Won’t Be Home” from their 1988 EP Crackers International. This isn’t your typical fa la la-type carol, but a dramatic, lonely song against lush instrumentation. Erasure taps love and family with subtle power and creates imagery that doesn’t leave your mind.

We pulled this video which YouTuber TheLightningMan posted his/her images to the song. Erasure offered an update on the extended version of Snow Globe, but it relied far more on electronica sound erasing the emotion from this original.