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Yes, you may be asking yourself “But isn’t that Tom Goss?” And yes, it is. Known more for his singer-songwriter and clothed performances, Goss has gone the actor route in Rob Williams’ new film Out To Kill slated for a summer release for film festivals and a holiday disc release.

The movie is described as

Perhaps not surprisingly, the abhorrent Jaymes is the victim in this intricate and witty “whodunit” murder mystery centered around a group of gay men living in a Florida loft complex. With its surprise ending and tropical location, the film offers a sexy, gay twist to the traditional murder mystery.

We can’t help but think there’s some inspiration for the Jaymes character by way of Cazwell. Well, that and the video. Watch and read more after the jump.



Take fellow homo-hop artists Cazwell and Johnny Dangerous, add in some of that twisted EL-P flavor and you’ll get close — just close — to the sound of Big Dipper.  The Chicago-born Brooklyn-based rapper, who infamously now withholds his real name, has received critical acclaim for his playful tales of hot big boy sex over some big beats. Details Magazine dubbed BD as one of hip-hop’s queer pioneers in 2012. And he’s taking 2013 out with a bang.

In October, BD released his second mixtape, Thick Life, and the video for the track, “Dick Hang Low” which leaves very little to the imagination with a whole lot to look at. He’s also filled the latter half of the year with a slew of live shows in New York and San Francisco. He talks up his inspirations, bears and hip-hop and OMG! KELLY ROWLAND! in an exclusive Q&A with J.W. Richard of Groove Loves Melody for Flair Gun. Photos via Facebook.


Strange how it has taken this long for social media narcissism to make its way to music, but party-rapper Cazwell saw an opportunity and took it with “No Selfie Control.” Face it, anyone on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/EVERY NETWORK can recognize either their friends or themselves when he declares If you could see me like I do / you’d be in love with me too.

Cazwell went a bit mild on both the video and song fronts. Where we’re used to the outrageousness of “Ice Cream Truck” or “All Over My Face,” he keeps the snark but refrains from an overload of chiseled boys dancing a storm. Although, Cazwell never shies away from being shirtless – and he shouldn’t. It’s his thing. The song itself keeps a midtempo flow as Caz pokes fun at those of you (not us) who have some serious addiction to the selfie. The song probably won’t go down in the annals of classics, but it’s catchy with a definitive hook.

Plus, we just need to see more and more of Cazwell. At least, we know we’ll appreciate his selfies for years to come.

Watch “No Selfie Control” after the jump.


IGLogoTired of endless kitten pics, food porn or Tummy Tuesdays (OK, that’s actually not a bad one). But if you need to liven up that Instagram feed, why not do so with some of your fave queer musicians?

Party music boi Cazwell is a double threat with his brand of irreverent pop-rap and some smoking hot sexiness as displayed in this May 18 pic after the jump.