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Is he or isn’t he? Cocky da Homo MC dropped 19 tracks from his newest mixtape Joke’s On You (I’m Really Straight) to start off 2014 with some hip-hop that’s both tongue-in-cheek and poignant with hard doses of his reality. MC is clever in his delivery because even with the title intro, he knows how to play us in his favor. Is he gay? Likely, but to even get us to ask that question is a triumph. But then he raps his frustration of being an indie rapper on “Vagine” or when he and his team provoke queer fans and listeners on “Confessions of a Gay Rapper/I Ain’t GLAAD I’m Angry Bitch.”

Joke is available as a free download here and with several tracks clocking in at an average of three minutes, the entire opus runs quick while striking it hot. CeeJai Giovanni and Pro P. are featured on select tracks but it’s MC’s lyrics to focus on here. He comes off as both a strong artist and raconteur, but also plays the joke a little too far when he finishes the mixtape with the final track “Joke’z On You” where he pokes fun of his listeners for investing their time in his release. But perhaps he’s right, because from all sides, he is never not fascinating.

Click here for the download.




In case you can’t make it out to Ex Bokhara in Santiago de Chile tonight, then download this glimpse of what DJ Chris Stutz will be playing at the Fiesta Unity party on a roster that also includes Joshua Ziga, Gian Luca Grinfan (DJ Turtle) and Antonio Chiessa. The download is definitely a party unto itself so although you’ll miss him doing it live, the energy here should make it easy to imagine being right there on the dancefloor. Heck, download this sucker and keep it for your New Year’s Eve bash.

And it looks like Stutz is getting his growing reputation in proper order. He’s been pushing his new media kit and bio on his Facebook as well as urging people to visit his site and Soundcloud profiles. If you need further convincing to book him for your DJ needs, this should work wonders. Stutz has clearly made headway as a marquee name beyond his usual South American gigs with some European shows thrown in. He performed in Toronto and Atlanta earlier this year clearly in preparation to dominate North America as well.

Click here for Stutz’s set and read his bio after the jump.


Indie glam singer Brandon Hilton released his latest single “Control Me” on Tuesday and is offering it as a free download. Hey, we like free.

He’s been clawing his way through the music world and each step he gets a little better. I’ve been following him for a while and this single is a step forward displaying some nice layers.

Now if only he’d eat something!

Download the song here.

The music site Groove Loves Melody has gotten into the Pride mood by teaming up with bearish DJ Odysi who specifically mixed two PRIDEmixes: one house version, the other a chill mix just for the site. Nice.


Dallas-based DJ Odysi of Bspot House Sessions delivers a house/freestyle/disco mix for LGBT Pride Month, exclusively for Groove Loves Melody. DJ Odysi has performed at various clubs in Houston and Dallas, and was recently a part of the main DJ lineup with [Texas Bear Round Up] 2013.

Ya dig?

Dallas-based singer Ulises has just left for Europe to spread the word of the Sesliu Galaxy — think about it — but before that, he left note that his newest album Discovery of the Sesliu Galaxy is available as a free download from his site. Hey, who doesn’t like some free tunes?


I come to you from the Sesliu Galaxy to introduce and bring to Earth sound and frequencies that will get your body moving. With influences ranging from Timbaland to Michael Jackson, this album is sure to transport you to a peaceful place found light years away. Download my latest album the Discovery of the Sesliu Galaxy for FREE if you dare explore a yet unknown world. Warning- your feet won’t be able to contain themselves from dancing and your heart from bursting with joy. Boarding has begun! Destination: Sesliu Galaxy!!

To download the zip file album, click here.