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Congratulations to Reigen! The last we heard from him was at Christmas but we were excited to read this from his Facebook and now can’t wait until Friday for what we’re guessing is “Play It Cool.”

It’s Official! I just sent my first ever real SINGLE to iTunes/Spotify/Google Play/etc… and it will be live for all of you on Valentine’s Day, THIS FRIDAY, Feb. 14th. This will mean I am officially a published artist. Thank you all so much for your support on the road to get to this point, it has been INCREDIBLE and I am so excited to share this song with you- I think you’re going to love it. I will be also releasing the MUSIC VIDEO on the SAME DAY featuring the stunning Claudia Veizaga, me and the love that is play it cool.

Thanks for making our holidays better!


You could already tweet us and email us, but now we hope that you’ll like us — you’ll really like us. Our Facebook page is (finally) up and running and should be populate as posts publish here. Thanks for all those who are pushing us along!

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In the “how did we miss this” department (WHERE’S DAT PINK SLIP?!), homo-hop pioneer Tim’m will bring his monthly show to North Texas tonight at United Black Ellument. The show marks the release of his new album Snap Shots and as you see, features Alexandra Marie, Brandon Jackson and one of our faves, Jurni Rayne.

From the Facebook event:

The Front Porch is a monthly multi-genre artistic set that began in December 2004 at Mocha Lounge, DC as an attempt to create an open mic & feature space in the nation’s capitol where all kinds of poetry, spoken word, Hip Hop, acoustic, and soul music could be welcomed by people of diverse racial and sexual orientations.

Taking off from his experience growing up with music, stories, and poetry on Front Porches in Arkansas, Tim’m wanted to create a space where people from diverse walks of life could speak about their experience without trepidation of not being a SLAM poet, trying a new song, experimental performance art, erotica, or reading material (from a page) that is personal and/or about spirituality or healing.

Tim’m’s Front Porch goes down tonight at 7 p.m. Be there.