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Either Christmas came late or comes way early from Ladi G. Not only did she just release this video for “Love Rants,” but she’s also offering her newest mixtape Problematic Remixes Revisited as a free download. And she covers her bases by offering up the clean version of “Rants” as a free download here. We like!

But first, check out the video after the jump.



Indie popster Gabe Lopez reminded us on Twitter to check out his latest single “Red Light” and we’re glad we did. This is some good stuff. He hits all the right pop notes and ultimately just put a smile on our faces here at FG. But he also points out that if you go here to listen to the track, you’ll also get two free downloads. We haven’t gotten that far yet because we keep hitting repeat on the track.

Indie glam singer Brandon Hilton released his latest single “Control Me” on Tuesday and is offering it as a free download. Hey, we like free.

He’s been clawing his way through the music world and each step he gets a little better. I’ve been following him for a while and this single is a step forward displaying some nice layers.

Now if only he’d eat something!

Download the song here.