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Take fellow homo-hop artists Cazwell and Johnny Dangerous, add in some of that twisted EL-P flavor and you’ll get close — just close — to the sound of Big Dipper.  The Chicago-born Brooklyn-based rapper, who infamously now withholds his real name, has received critical acclaim for his playful tales of hot big boy sex over some big beats. Details Magazine dubbed BD as one of hip-hop’s queer pioneers in 2012. And he’s taking 2013 out with a bang.

In October, BD released his second mixtape, Thick Life, and the video for the track, “Dick Hang Low” which leaves very little to the imagination with a whole lot to look at. He’s also filled the latter half of the year with a slew of live shows in New York and San Francisco. He talks up his inspirations, bears and hip-hop and OMG! KELLY ROWLAND! in an exclusive Q&A with J.W. Richard of Groove Loves Melody for Flair Gun. Photos via Facebook.



Music site Groove Loves Melody spoke with Lady B Smoove about her upcoming gig in Dallas to celebrate Black Pride. For those of you who don’t know, and as GLM explains, there are two Pride celebrations in Big D with the second geared toward the queer Black community. And this year may go down as one of the biggest celebrations. With performances by the bisexual Monifah, Jurni Rayne and Smoove just to name a few, the celebration boasts star power of all degrees.

In GLM’s interview, Smoove discusses her feelings about being on the same ticket as a marquee name as well as the label of being bisexual. Basically, the fuss over it is played out she said. Smoove goes on to talk about a new release which definitely pricks up our ears.

Check out the interview here. And to partake in the festivities in Dallas, visit here and here.

As school zones obstruct our morning gym trips, that only means one thing — the kids are heading back to class. And we’re so jealous of Groove Loves Melody’s blog post from last week, that we may have to just steal it for next year. But in the meantime, we’ll refer you to the post where the indie music blog asks some musicians on their favorite past times over the summer and GLM includes a healthy dose of queer artists.

From GrooveLovesMelody:

Bringing back our 6-part series from last year, here are several independent artists sharing their favorite book or film from the summer of 2013.

Six-part series?? Clearly, creator JW Richard is not as lazy as we are as GLM already has two of the six up, but it’s an entertaining read that includes such LGBT artists as Nhojj, Jomama Jones, Juba Kulamka and Jody Quine (damn, that’s a lotta J’s). Be sure to check ’em out.

Also, check out GLM’s review of B. Slade’s (pictured) newest release My September Issue.

While we’re focusing on LGBT music and artists, we didn’t want you to miss out on what’s good all around the music landscape. And thankfully Groove Loves Melody did just that with this week’s post 15 Sounds You Need in 2013.

Listing off the best of what the year’s offered so far, Flair Gun contributed a couple of suggestions that lent to the queer side of things, but we weren’t the only thing gay on the list.

Check it out! In the meantime, we’re compiling our list of LGBT releases so far. No best, no worst, but all queer.

The music site Groove Loves Melody has gotten into the Pride mood by teaming up with bearish DJ Odysi who specifically mixed two PRIDEmixes: one house version, the other a chill mix just for the site. Nice.


Dallas-based DJ Odysi of Bspot House Sessions delivers a house/freestyle/disco mix for LGBT Pride Month, exclusively for Groove Loves Melody. DJ Odysi has performed at various clubs in Houston and Dallas, and was recently a part of the main DJ lineup with [Texas Bear Round Up] 2013.

Ya dig?

via Facebook.

via Facebook.

In April, the website Groove Loves Melody profiled Christianoshi detailing the Londoner’s approach to his brand of pop. GLM gives comparisons of his sound to New Wave pioneers like Depeche Mode and Soft Cell, but I would add in a big dose of Erasure’s upbeat pop wave sound as well. Fans of Frankmusik will find similar sensibilities in Christianoshi’s track “Over Yourself” which combines brazen synth action and sassy songwriting. As does his blatant track “Fuck Me” which is more breakup song than an enticement. The aforementioned tracks are well done but give particular ear to “Fake Blood.” It’s a moose of a track with some deep driving bass that sounds like it would wipe out anything else on your playlist if given the chance.