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Either Christmas came late or comes way early from Ladi G. Not only did she just release this video for “Love Rants,” but she’s also offering her newest mixtape Problematic Remixes Revisited as a free download. And she covers her bases by offering up the clean version of “Rants” as a free download here. We like!

But first, check out the video after the jump.



Is he or isn’t he? Cocky da Homo MC dropped 19 tracks from his newest mixtape Joke’s On You (I’m Really Straight) to start off 2014 with some hip-hop that’s both tongue-in-cheek and poignant with hard doses of his reality. MC is clever in his delivery because even with the title intro, he knows how to play us in his favor. Is he gay? Likely, but to even get us to ask that question is a triumph. But then he raps his frustration of being an indie rapper on “Vagine” or when he and his team provoke queer fans and listeners on “Confessions of a Gay Rapper/I Ain’t GLAAD I’m Angry Bitch.”

Joke is available as a free download here and with several tracks clocking in at an average of three minutes, the entire opus runs quick while striking it hot. CeeJai Giovanni and Pro P. are featured on select tracks but it’s MC’s lyrics to focus on here. He comes off as both a strong artist and raconteur, but also plays the joke a little too far when he finishes the mixtape with the final track “Joke’z On You” where he pokes fun of his listeners for investing their time in his release. But perhaps he’s right, because from all sides, he is never not fascinating.

Click here for the download.



Take fellow homo-hop artists Cazwell and Johnny Dangerous, add in some of that twisted EL-P flavor and you’ll get close — just close — to the sound of Big Dipper.  The Chicago-born Brooklyn-based rapper, who infamously now withholds his real name, has received critical acclaim for his playful tales of hot big boy sex over some big beats. Details Magazine dubbed BD as one of hip-hop’s queer pioneers in 2012. And he’s taking 2013 out with a bang.

In October, BD released his second mixtape, Thick Life, and the video for the track, “Dick Hang Low” which leaves very little to the imagination with a whole lot to look at. He’s also filled the latter half of the year with a slew of live shows in New York and San Francisco. He talks up his inspirations, bears and hip-hop and OMG! KELLY ROWLAND! in an exclusive Q&A with J.W. Richard of Groove Loves Melody for Flair Gun. Photos via Facebook.


On Sunday, we noticed Cocky da Homo’s Twitter feed was goin’ a little off the rails. Perhaps his most legendary of the tweets was this one where he proclaims gay how he’s not so fond of the term “gay rapper.” And it’s not for the reasons you might immediately think.

Then he goes on to comment on the outdated concept of a hip-hop industry (his words), dissing the people who doubted him and not giving a fuck about other gay rappers. So we reached out to him to see what was up. Clearly he was next to his Twitter app so we figured that would be the quickest way. Turns out, he just needed to do some venting as he admitted to us in a very polite tweet back, but we’re also thinking he’s trying to gear up interest for his latest video “thing.”

da Homo’s recent release “I’m Not Rob Ford,” isn’t so much a video as it is a few selfies (above) pieced together to his latest song. He samples Jay-Z’s “Tom Ford” and declares “I’m a homo” as the song’s hook. His rapid flow decries a whole lot of things from his school age peers to white people to Pride parades, but it’s catchy although at under three minutes, the song comes off a little incomplete in thought. But otherwise, catchy stuff.

Watch/listen to “I’m Not Rob Ford” after the jump.


Strange how it has taken this long for social media narcissism to make its way to music, but party-rapper Cazwell saw an opportunity and took it with “No Selfie Control.” Face it, anyone on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/EVERY NETWORK can recognize either their friends or themselves when he declares If you could see me like I do / you’d be in love with me too.

Cazwell went a bit mild on both the video and song fronts. Where we’re used to the outrageousness of “Ice Cream Truck” or “All Over My Face,” he keeps the snark but refrains from an overload of chiseled boys dancing a storm. Although, Cazwell never shies away from being shirtless – and he shouldn’t. It’s his thing. The song itself keeps a midtempo flow as Caz pokes fun at those of you (not us) who have some serious addiction to the selfie. The song probably won’t go down in the annals of classics, but it’s catchy with a definitive hook.

Plus, we just need to see more and more of Cazwell. At least, we know we’ll appreciate his selfies for years to come.

Watch “No Selfie Control” after the jump.


White bears can rap and Big Dipper proves that in his newest video for “Dick Hang Low,” a track from his latest mixtape Thick Life and how can we get a hold of one of those copies? And so what can we say about the DIY vid that looks like it was filmed just down the street of your mom’s neighborhood. Ummm, that it’s awesome. Filmed in Portland, the portly homo-hopper prancersizes down the street with a bag of chips, humps a forsaken mattress and twerks his curvy, beefy body to no end. You may write it off as comedy, but Dipper has some decent flow chops and lyric construction. But don’t let us get in the way. Take a look, pick your jaw up off the ground and then just agree that Big Dipper is hip-hop in a whole new way.

Watch “Dick Hang Low” after the jump.


Waaaaay before there was Miley Virus — oops, we meant Cyrus — there was Big Freedia sissy bouncin’ her way onstage with the most amazing twerk skillz ever. Seriously. Like ever. Save for the Freedia fans who would join onstage for ass-shaking glory. But her story is a fascinating one. She also declares she is the Queen Diva and we’re fine with that.

She’s slowly been making her way up the indie buzz market from small venue tours to the flagship act at mini-music festivals. Now, errbody gets to see what’s behind Big Freedia in a brand new show on Fuse. On Oct. 2, Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce debuts on the network and we got our popcorn stocked up for the watch party as well as our twerk outfits. Don’t worry. They cute.

From the press release.

Fuse, the national music television network of The Madison Square Garden Company, will launch the brand new original series Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce on Wednesday, October 2 at 11:00 p.m. ET.  With local hero and compelling personality Big Freedia as its guide, this new unscripted series explores the underground world of the New Orleans hip hop scene known as “Bounce.”  Viewers will join Big Freedia as she preps for her first international tour, works through her mother’s illness and navigates the extremely competitive world of hip hop.  The docu-series will also welcome fellow artists — Mr. Ghetto, Sissy Nobby and Katey Red.  Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce is set to run for eight episodes and is executive produced and directed by Jeremy Simmons, executive produced by Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato, and Tom Campbell and produced by World of Wonder (RuPaul’s Drag Race, Million Dollar Listing, Life with La Toya).

As the national network dedicated to music, Fuse is committed to delivering outstanding content that features the characters, stories, performances, and perspectives that make up the dynamic world of music.  Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce joins Fuse’s lineup of original music-inspired programming, which also includes: Fuse News, Fuse’s daily flagship music news program anchored by Alexa Chung and Matte Babel; Warped Roadies, an unscripted program that follows the crew charged with keeping the Vans Warped Tour running; and Funny or Die’s Billy on the Street, a music and pop culture trivia show starring Billy Eichner.  Other Fuse shows include Insane Clown Posse Theater, Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope’s twisted take on what’s new in music and popular culture and G-Thing, a look into the lives of G-Fella, an Italian-American rapper, and his larger-than-life family as they try to launch the first “family style” record label, along with Top 20 Countdown and Trending 10.  Additionally, Fuse covers live concerts and events, and boasts comprehensive coverage of music festivals throughout the country, including South by Southwest, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo and the Voodoo Music Experience.