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Matt Zarley gave us a taste of what to expect on his upcoming release Hopeful Romantic. He leaked this clip of “Somebody 4 Everybody” over the weekend that features Mark Picchiotti. This is the Moto Blanco Hopeful Romantic Sneak Peek Mix (and breathe) and will be released with other remixes and video on Feb. 14.


Singer Matt Zarley posted this pic recently previewing his upcoming single “Somebody for Everybody” (or “S4E” for short) that features Mark Picchiotti and was also the result of an Instagram contest where couples submitted pics of held hands. The result — a quilt of sorts that creates a magical effect.

As he gears up for his next release, Zarley also posts that he’ll be chronicling the making of The Hopeful Romantic set to drop next year. He’s logging his journey on YouTube with a series of videos that started in August. You can watch the first segment after the jump. In the meantime, we’ll wait for the coming soon single.