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We’re loving this tidbit from Nhojj and that high note. Sing it! He dropped this homemade video of “Little Brother” just this week and what better way to deliver the humpday blues.


As school zones obstruct our morning gym trips, that only means one thing — the kids are heading back to class. And we’re so jealous of Groove Loves Melody’s blog post from last week, that we may have to just steal it for next year. But in the meantime, we’ll refer you to the post where the indie music blog asks some musicians on their favorite past times over the summer and GLM includes a healthy dose of queer artists.

From GrooveLovesMelody:

Bringing back our 6-part series from last year, here are several independent artists sharing their favorite book or film from the summer of 2013.

Six-part series?? Clearly, creator JW Richard is not as lazy as we are as GLM already has two of the six up, but it’s an entertaining read that includes such LGBT artists as Nhojj, Jomama Jones, Juba Kulamka and Jody Quine (damn, that’s a lotta J’s). Be sure to check ’em out.

Also, check out GLM’s review of B. Slade’s (pictured) newest release My September Issue.

Come August 10, you might consider heading north for the Out in the Woods Music Festival featuring a gayapalooza of LGBT artists such as John Cameron Mitchell (yes, he sings. Remember?), Rachael Sage and many, many more. And sort of breaking, Nhojj just tweeted that he’ll be part of the musical goodness going on.

OITW is in its third year and benefits youth programs at Easton Mountain in Greenwich, New York. Yay!

In case you missed it, check out Out’s slideshow of 38 Queer Black Musicians which was an accompanying piece to Andrew Belonsky’s article “Three Dozen Black Musicians Can’t Be Wrong” which notes that June isn’t just Gay Pride Month, but also Black Music Month.

The slideshow is pretty magnificent save for some vague write-ups on various artists (Frankie Knuckles, Nehemiah Akbar). We figure 38 was the number they counted the most. It doesn’t appear to be a “top” list, but I don’t disagree with Sylvester being No. 1 on here…er, rather, the first slide. RuPaul, pictured, was listed at No. 5. But where was Queen Latifah? Or Nhojj? Those two woulda made the list a nice round number.