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Yes, you may be asking yourself “But isn’t that Tom Goss?” And yes, it is. Known more for his singer-songwriter and clothed performances, Goss has gone the actor route in Rob Williams’ new film Out To Kill slated for a summer release for film festivals and a holiday disc release.

The movie is described as

Perhaps not surprisingly, the abhorrent Jaymes is the victim in this intricate and witty “whodunit” murder mystery centered around a group of gay men living in a Florida loft complex. With its surprise ending and tropical location, the film offers a sexy, gay twist to the traditional murder mystery.

We can’t help but think there’s some inspiration for the Jaymes character by way of Cazwell. Well, that and the video. Watch and read more after the jump.



Tom Goss knows how to work his buzz machine as he’s been building up the hype for his newest video “Bears” all on his social media. In his signature spunky fashion, Goss delivers a charming tune and video in this ode to the burly and furry. The song was produced by Rich Morel who most dancing bears might know as one-half of the marquee DJ team, Blowoff.

Straight or gay, Goss punctuates the fact that those Ab Fitch boys aren’t what everybody’s looking for — and that’s OK. But the better part of that is his self-created buzz got the attention of the Huffington Post, MetroWeekly and, duh, us. More power to him and to the hunky furbys we all love so much.

Watch “Bears” after the jump.